Not an expert on KX repositories, but there should be a newer version, then just 1.1.3.

This might be the right place to ask:

The appimage works fine for me on openSUSE though, but I also have to install wine to have vst working.
New pc up and running, old pc up and running. :) On new pc still need to install some programs, but today copied all my LMMS stuff from old pc to new pc. Finally ! Now I can use lmms again, and see about those debugging tools, if I can help out the devs, with finding why there is an issue with my LM...
Sahaathyva wrote:
Thu Nov 14, 2019 8:12 am

I managed it on my ubuntu studio distro by adding kx studio repo and then install the
lmms-vst-full package.

Before this I uninstalled wine.
This might work for the topic starter too, mint is also a debian based distro. :)

Maybe mint also has a LMMS vst full.
Yes you are right, wine needs to be installed separate. You need to get the correct WINE from your pacman , and install that before you install LMMS! Let us know the outcome :) By the way, my distribution (Mint) which is based on Ubuntu uses "apt-get" and not "pacman", just so you don't confuse peo...
My music production has stopped, for now. Been building new PC and it seems almost everything goes wrong. Never had this many issues. First video card did not survive putting it in the new pc. Then allot of issues to have windows 10 installed UEFI. Then had a weird screen when I turned on pc. (nobod...
Yes you are right, wine needs to be installed separate. An example, windows programs want a: C:\ drive One of the things wine does, is making a virtual C:\ drive on Linux, with a windows and a programs folder. So a programs will "think" they are on windows. Wine is not a part of Linux though, its be...
Just to make sure were on the same page, you can't do this ?

Maybe my remark of the top box put you on the wrong track ?

After file name is were I type .wine.

If you click the green folder icon on vestige, you get a file browser.

Type .wine in the top box, and you can see the wine folders.

At least for me on openSUSE (kde) this works.
Would love to help too, by my coding skills stop at: 10 print "LMMS is great !" 20 goto 10 :P That's basic programming language. About the only thing I know about C++ is that is does not have line numbers like basic. Building new pc and it's not going smooth but soon hope to use the debug part of th...
Vestige is only for windows vst (.dll files)

For Linux plugins you probably need Carla. I had no luck yet with getting that to work 100% right in lmms though.

That gui freezing might be a problem I have too.

Does this sound familiar ?