Best of LMMS volume 7

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It's that time of year again! Best of LMMS - Volume 7 is now live! View the rules and other details on the submission form.

Please note that submissions will take some time to update on the public submission list.

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Great stuff.

What does everyone else do when they dont know what track to enter.

I have a track i feel is my best, but feedback i have gotten from one of my other tracks outweighs the track i like.

If i posted both, could i get some peoples opinions on which one they feel is the best?
I switched to Ardour a long time ago, but I've still checked this forum every few weeks because I liked this contest a lot last time.

I will see if I can get LMMS working again, along with all of my plugins, so I can submit something!

Also, would it be okay if I submitted mine to another contest at the same time?
Heres my entry,

Good luck to everyone,

Beyond The Eye, ... 9d7e73e479