Is LMMS built for performing? What do I need?

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I'm still working on my composition and production skills, but eventually I would like to perform once I get it down and write a few songs. Is LMMS built for that? I've heard I need a pretty powerful laptop to do it and that it isn't cost effective, but what kind of specs would I need exactly? I guess a regular $500-1,000 laptop isn't gonna cut it then?
I know that the user LaserBlade has performed at several parties using LMMS along with other software such as JACK and Audacity. Unfortunately though, I don't think he's been here or on youtube for a few days now. When he turns up he'll have some good advice to give you!
Yeah I talked to him briefly on youtube but he didn't go into too much detail, in fact he's the one who said I need a powerful rig to perform with and that it would cost too much to be worth it. I'm just wondering what he means.
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If you need detailed specs, here's my recommendation:

* At least 4 GB RAM, ideally running DDR v3
* CPU with a total effective speed of at least 6-8 ghz, it can be dual core 3 ghz or whatever hits at least 6
* Audio acceleration chips can make a big difference, so look for a laptop that has a good one built in. Some googling and reading reviews will be required.

Here's a very important tip: most producers don't render their music live unless they use hardware synths. The tracks are rendered beforehand and then "mixed" live at the venue. That's where things like turntables and mixers come in. You can apply filters, envelopes, and other effects(which don't need a powerful laptop) to your already rendered audio track and just tweak those FX in real time using your mixer board and MIDI controllers.
Ah that makes sense, I'll tell you, my desktop has almost all of those required specs except the audio accelerator, but that beast cost me $1,500 lol. It's good to know I don't absolutely need a powerful laptop to perform live, from what you're saying it sounds like I just have to render it a little differently to play live. I planned to use a MIDI keyboard and a guitar with a MIDI pickup as well as turntables as you mentioned. Thanks alot.