Beat Bassline Editor


Beat and Bassline Editor on startup

The Beat + Bassline Editor is the main window for sequencing rhythms and repetitive musical lines in LMMS.

Tool Bar[edit]

The tool bar of the Beat + Bassline Editor looks like this: BeatBassline Editor toolbar1.1.0.png

Play & Stop buttons allow you to play and stop the currently selected Beat/Bassline (BB) track. When Play is pressed, it will be replaced with a Pause symbol allowing you to pause the playback rather than stop it entirely. Stop returns the playhead to the first step in the BB track; Pause allows you to continue from the last played step. Add steps and Remove Steps allow you to add or remove the number of steps in a bar.

BeatBassline Editor dropdownmenu1.1.0.png The drop-down menu allows you to select the Beat/Bassline (BB) track to edit. It displays the current BB track being edited.

Add bb track.png The Add Beat/Bassline button creates a new Beat/Bassline (BB) track to the Song-Editor, numbered sequentially from "Beat/Bassline 0". Right-click on the new BB track's name in the Song Editor and rename it to something useful--this makes it easier to identify which pattern you are editing. Warning: all the BB tracks you create are linked in such a way that they share the same instruments. If you delete or toggle-mute an instrument in one BB track, it's deleted from or toggle-muted in all the BB tracks in this project. So, if you have multiple BB tracks in your song, remember that all the BB tracks will contain the same instruments. This means that you'll have to enforce silence on those instruments that you want silenced in a particular BB track. For example, say you have a first BB track with a kick drum, snare, and hihat, and a second BB track with just a clap and a shaker. All 5 instruments will be in both BB tracks. You'll want the clap and shaker instruments in the first track to be silent, so in the first track, for both the clap and shaker, you can either

  1. make sure all the steps are turned off (see Context Menu Clear below), or
  2. context-menu mute the track; toggle-mute won't work because the instrument will be toggle-muted in all other BB tracks.

Also, you'll have to do the same thing to the kick, snare, and hihat in the second BB track to make sure those 3 are silent.

Add automation1.0.0.png The Add Automation track button adds a new Automation track to the current BB track.

Instrument Track[edit]

BeatBassline Editor Instrument track1.0.0.png
Each instrument added to the Beat + Bassline Editor will look like this. The Track Settings you recognize from the Song Editor are on the left side and the Step Editor is on the right (the gray boxes).

Step Editor[edit]

BeatBassline step editor1.0.0.png

Right-click menu BB Editor

Right-clicking on a step for a track gives you the context menu below for that track:


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