The Triple Oscillator plugin is a synthesizer which generates sounds by combining the waveforms of up to three function generators.

Plugins TripleOscillator1.0.0.png

Plugin settings[edit]

The first panel controls the way the oscillators interact with each other. The available settings are:

  • PM (Phase Modulation) - phase of oscillator is modulated (i.e. phase locally changes left/right) by sub-oscillator.
  • AM (Amplitude Modulation) - output oscillator and its suboscillator is multiplied .
  • Mix - The waveforms are added (default).
  • Sync (Synchronized) - The waveform of the first oscillator is restarted with the frequency of the second one (the waveform of the second one does not matter in this mode).
  • FM (Frequency Modulation) - frequency of oscillator is modulated (i.e. phase globally changes left/right) by sub-oscillator.

The next three panels are the settings for the three oscillators.

  • The waveform generated (pictures).
  • Vol (Volume) - Amplitude of the waveform. Set to 0 when you don't want to use this oscillator.
  • Pan (Panning) - Affects the stereo panning of the oscillator.
  • Crs (Coarse) - Frequency of the oscillator relative to the note played in semitones.
  • FL and FR - Fine-tuning of the frequency for the left and right stereo channel.
  • PO (Phase Offset) - Phase offset of the waveform relative to the other oscillators.
  • SPD (Stereo Phase Offset) - Phase offset between left and right stereo channel.


The "purest" sound. Useful for organ-like instruments. Due to a sine wave being only one exact frequency, normal frequency filters have little effect on sine waves.
Similar to sine, although a lot less smooth. Useful for string instruments.
A very sharp, "synth-like" sound. Useful for string instruments and generic "synth-like" instruments.
The typical sound of vintage arcade games. Sounds much less old-fashioned when combined with other waveforms. Be cautious, as the square wave will sound a lot louder than the other waves.
Moog-like saw
Sounds similar to saw, but can also be used for some organ-like sounds. The shape is due to a historic glitch in the analogue circuitry of the original Moog synthesizer.
If used correctly, it can be used for softer synths.
White Noise
Useful for creating drum beats and other effects like wind (You might prefer to use Kicker for synthesized percussion instruments).
Double-click to use any sound file as a waveform.



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