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Naming Articles[edit]

All version-dependent article titles should begin with the concerned version number, followed by the actual title, with a ":" between the two. Here's an example: 0.4:Manual

List of version-dependent articles: (basically all sections in the Manual, except "Introduction" and "Appendices")

====0.4 Tutorials====
Getting Started - a brief walk-through for the impatient
Your First Song with LMMS - a more step-by-step tutorial
Making Triple-Oscillator patches - Guidelines for creating useful triple-oscillator patches
====Using LMMS 0.4====
Working with Instruments
Working with Samples
Composing in the Piano Roll Editor
Composing Bass Lines and Drum Sequences
Putting the song together
Working with Automation
Working with LADSPA effects
Working with Controllers
Working with Effects and the Mixer
Working with VSTs
Using MIDI
Exporting the Song
====0.4 Reference====
Main Menu Bar
Tool Bar
Side Bar
Song Editor
Piano Roll Editor
Beat + Bassline Editor
Automation Editor
FX Mixer
Project Notes
LMMS Settings
Key Mappings


All translations should be based on the English version. The articles' title should begin with the language's two-lettered ISO 639-1 code (Fr, De, Es, ...), followed by the LMMS version (if the article is version-dependent), followed by the actual title, in that language. It wouldn't make much sense to translate articles leaving the titles in English, wouldn't it? Here are some examples: Fr:Page Principale, Fr:0.4:Manuel. The English version doesn't need that part though.


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