Here is an easy overview of how you can write articles with links, lists etc. If what you are looking for aren't to be found in this article a search on google including the words "media wiki" + what you are looking for, usually brings you to the answer. And of course the sources of this article are more in depth.

The highlight method[edit]

Highlight method.png

To format text on this wiki to e.g. headlines, bold, italic or links, you can simply highlight text and press the desired button. You can also press the buttons first and then write. The text you then write will be formatted.
This method is the same as in all major writing programs, however on this wiki you will not see the finished formatted text while you are writing. Instead you will see new characters appearing at the beginning and the end of the selected text. To see the fully formatted article you must press the button "Show preview".


To insert a line break you can use the HTML tag <br/> or <br>

Line break in editor Before.png

Line break and how it looks in the wiki editor:

Line break in article After.PNG

Line break and how it looks in the article:


Only use the "internal link" button if you are linking to a page on this very same wiki. Then you can simply write the name of the article inside double brackets, no need of the whole link address. Otherwise use the "external link" button with single brackets. You can add a space after the link and write a link title.

Example of external link:
External link in editor Before.PNG
-> In article:
External link in editor After.PNG

You can change the name of a internal link, by adding a pipe and the new name.
Example of internal link: Internal link in editor.png -> in article: Internal link in article.png

Link to a section can be achieved by adding a hash # after the article name. Example: [[0.4:Getting Started#Saving|Get started and save]] -> in article: Get started and save

The manual method[edit]

To manually write the formatting characters might save you some time, and there are a few formatting options which do not got their own buttons.

You write:

You write:

  1. numbered list, with a hash: # at the beginning of each line. It will automatically renumber.
  2. <-- Can you see the invisible hash which has disguised itself as a 2?
  3. Bullet point list within a numbered list, with a hash and a star: #* at the beginning of each line
    • That was done here. Both hash and star at the beginning, but the hash is invisible.
  4. A numbered list within the main numbered list with a double hash: ## at the beginning of each line
    1. That was done here.
      1. There could be many hash tags and thus many lists within lists. Almost like Inception.
      2. Really! There could be! But this is just three.

  5. Use <br> to achieve space without restarting the list.



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