The stable Carla (previously known as Carla-Git) should work. If not, feel free to file a bug mentioning your OS and how you obtained Carla. Freel free to tag me, @tresf, in your post. :)
Some Linux distributions -- such as Fedora -- have already taken action on these samples and removed them from the LMMS distribution for their platform. We too -- the upstream LMMS developers -- have a long term plan to remove all bundled samples that we're not sure of the origins of. Most samples w...
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If you have steps for Linux, feel free to edit the wiki as needed.
It may be possible. The codebase seems to be written mostly in C++, which is good, although I cannot determine the language that's used for the UI. If it were Qt, it would stand a better chance as we already bundle that. I would recommend starting a thread for it on our bug tracker (https://github.c...
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@MrTertius We're aware, we've talked about some replacements on the #lmmsio channel on Discord (

If you are capable of helping we'd love the help!
Thanks for the kind words! Do you have some tracks to share?
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Take what he writes with a grain of salt, please. :mrgreen:
Make sure you're using the 32-bit VSTs on Linux. The 64-bit VSTs won't work yet on Linux.