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Beta AppImage available here: https://github.com/LMMS/lmms/pull/3688
7. when ended the recording, tried to play the track but even if automations were there, they weren't sounding as i heard when recording them, in fact they didn't sound at all. There's piano-roll recording and there's automation recording and you have to have them both going. I assume you did, your...
Please do not install the VST. That would require wine to be working/building properly -- arguably more work than just fixing zyn to begin with. What instructions did you use for compiling? Please provide the history of packages you've recently installed you can do this by typing "history |grep dnf"...
JD is already taking some proactive measures. Please feel free to PM him with violators.
> Quickly banned by IP and deleted.

Yes, please add yourself. See this is working out already. :)
@davisjacobym, god mode activated. Proceed with caution. You can literally delete the everything.

Please read the post about mass deletion in the original post. It's a few clicks, but it can purge and IP block the 7-10 spammers we get every other day.
Although the instruments may look the same on the surface, what's happening under the covers is quite different. Carla has support for instruments that LMMS does not natively. Furthermore, on Linux LMMS only supports VSTs through a Wine layer, which affects the stability and performance of a plugin....
First time I've seen this proposed. Please file a bug. https://github.com/LMMS/lmms/issues