I have stared palliative care, I still have not given up all hope. Who knows it may go back in remission. But I have been going around the web closing accounts so my family will not have to maintain them. I have explored my beliefs and values so that I can find a sense of peace, and reached a point ...
SonicSpeed wrote:https://soundcloud.com/maximum-official/lost
Hope you will like it. My first attempt at making this kind of music.
It did not get completely ignored.
Pretty good for your first attempt to make music with an ambient feel.
Hi :D It's my first time posting here.. I have been learning music and how to use LMMS for a year and half but never share my music here except on LSP .. So, here it is https://soundcloud.com/heleazar-james/ariss-le-grand-bleu Personally, I rate it 2 out of 5 stars.. :) Just need your comment or op...
I have writers block big time, and My Imagination is constipated with trash. Time to take another sabbatical from music and start living life again.
Gps wrote:Its different a good job. It really has for me a movie music feel.
Thank you !!
Here's a piece where, I imagining apparitions dancing in a ballroom.. Death Waltz Thank you ! I just listened to it. Now I'm imagining dancing ghosts too. Victorian Ghosts I say. :mrgreen: This would fit in well, in a Casper the friendly ghost movie. Maybe, if you want, some reverb on the piano, mi...
Welcome to LMMS forums.
Here is a good tutorial.
sizemore0409 wrote:LMMS still is inefficient at importing midi files --- sometimes it works right, often it doesn't.
I have no issues, when importing midi files made with MuseScore.
I finally got to hear the whole piece. I never heard the original, so I don't have anything to compare it with.
Good job at making this one.
brandystarbrite wrote:Wooah! Coming from you, this is an unusual track.
This witch approves! 8-)
I do malevolent music now, and then.
Here's a piece where, I imagining apparitions dancing in a ballroom..
Death Waltz

Thank you !