Incorruptable wrote:
Wed Jan 30, 2019 12:47 pm
All consistent in style, well done.
Thank you! That was helped in part by making all 4 songs in the same project file, using the same instruments.
This EP is now available on Spotify, Bandcamp, and most other streaming/purchase platforms!

There is a massive 3.5GB soundfont compilation on Newgrounds, that is where I got it specifically. I don't know about a single download, sorry.
I love the piano sound at the end of Tempest! What Soundfont/VST did you use and did you do anything else to it in terms of mixing to make it sound so good? The piano is an Akai-Steinway soundfont. Beta 1.2RC LMMS equalizer and Ambience Reverb VST. Part of the sound comes from extensive humanizatio...
Whoops, forgot about this...

Songs 2 and 3 of this EP are now live! The 4th song has hit some unexpected delays and will not follow the same release interval.



Hello all, it's been a while. I'm back with a new EP! I've had a blast working on the tracks, I hope you enjoy them. I'm releasing the tracks bi-weekly. I'll post updates to this thread when the other tracks go live! Once they are all public the album will be distributed to most online streaming and...
It's that time of year! Best of LMMS - Volume 5 is now live! View the rules and other details on the submission form.

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Sorry, that has nothing to do with lmms. it is Discord that makes the rules. Lmms is only a user, so we have no influence on rules or bans. You need to contact Discord Uh what? Lmms is not a user account. Discord is a service, they don't have anything to do with an admin or mod of the LMMS discord ...
The buffer is how long LMMS is allowed to wait before playing what is at the playhead is the simple answer. A longer buffer means higher latency, but also helps slower CPUs keep up without overruns (audio glitches from the CPU skipping regions). If your buffer is maxed out and you're dead sure that ...