I've never been able to post an image in this forum; but the version I downloaded is the version that people are encouraged to download at the main LMMS download site.
Windows 7.
Over many years, I've used many different versions of LMMS. ZASFx has always worked exactly the same in all of them.
But the GUI won't open in v1.2.1
alt-tab shows everything that's open, and confirms ZASFx GUI is not open.
click on "show GUI" and the GUI fails to open, so I'm having to do all my ZASFx parts in older versions of LMMS

I like this. You indicated you're new at adding lyrics/vocals to your tracks. I encourage you to continue doing so, so you can add strength and confidence to your vocals and lyrics-writing skills. I think you'll do very well. Good job on this enjoyable track.
@ zeekerphinder -- yes, you're right, during those first 2 years I was just figuring out how to produce music with LMMS and virtual instruments and effects, and I was frequently posting questions on this board.

I'm very glad you enjoy hearing all my tracks!
MoosikMaker, I like what you did with the vocals, it was only a little, but it added a lot. And because it was surprising and un-expected, it also shows your unique-ness as an artist and a person. And I suspect you enjoyed doing it. Well done!
MoosicMaker, that sounds pretty cool. I would like to see you expand on it, maybe add some vocals --- lyrics, or even some sparse rhythmic chanting --- the human voice adds a powerful additional dimension of interest to music. Thanks again for your comments about my tracks, especially when you said ...
Thanks everybody for your wonderful comments. I'm very glad you enjoy my music. There were some questions about the genres of my tracks. I love all kinds of music, as long as it's unique and done well, and shows some of the unique heart and soul of the musician, and as long as it doesn't sound formu...
Mine was almost 5 years ago, and it sounded kind of weird and psychedelic, nothing like my current music:
https://soundcloud.com/a-sizemore/set-y ... -supernova
Thanks for your comments, I'm glad you enjoy my music. @ Moosikmaker, yes, when I first started, I only used free plugins. Some of them are very good, like ZynAddSubFx, a superb virtual instrument which I still love to use. As time passed and my collection of softsynths grew larger, I became fascina...