I have no idea about you're hardware and or OS.

But maybe you can add some ram ?

LMMS is as far as I know already light on system resources.

Nobody will stop you from using 1.1.3 though. :)
SGC wrote:
Thu Oct 17, 2019 2:01 pm
Heisenberg rules OK!


No solution for this as far as I know though.
That sounds good :)
Then you're not dragging the right volume knob into the automation track. :)

You need to drag the volume knob, of the one instrument you want to fade into an automation track.
Not the master volume on top of you're screen.
I like it, and about the sound changing.

That's one of my main issues with soundcloud.

They call it preparing the track for broadcasting. :x
Add an automation track.

Drag the volume knob into the automation track.

Then draw a graph on how you want the sound to fade.
After reading the article I can only agree. :(
I don't think we can listen to it, if you set it to private. ;)

I am getting an error when I try.
Synth1 and ZynAddSubFx are two different synthesizers.

https://www.kvraudio.com/product/synth1 ... chiro-toda

I already gave you a link to a preset file, with those stabs in it. :)
An extra bank for synth1. (there are many extra banks, but be carefull were you get them from.)
It might be annoying, but it seems necessary to point this out. :)