You want a working lmms? Then do as musicbear told you :) resp = respectively You're windows is 32 or 64 bit so you need the 32 bit or the 64 bit version. I doubt musicbear told somebody else to download rc 7, but even if he he did you should not worry about it. Click the orange button which matches...
Is it possible to achieve Carla inside of the Appimage? I hope some one like Gps or zonkmashine chimes in.. @drownthepoor Yes it should be dooable. You need to install Carla separately but the AppImage should find it. I can confirm, because carla shows in lmms for me in the appimage rc 7 and 8 vers...
I would love that too, and or an appimage version of Carla. Although Carla shows for me in LMMS ( on opensuse ) its not working 100%, it can't load vst, and I found out why. The openSUSE Carla package is not compiled with vst support. :( I am looking into compiling Carla my self, but had many issues...
I can't reproduce this with rc 7 nor with rc8. ( on openSUSE, Linux)

Are you sure you're using rc 7 or rc 8 ?
I download the demo version, and I can't install it through wine.

It tells me my operating system is not supported.

Have a looks at ZynAddSubFX , not the easiest zynth but probably one of the best.
What you could do is get a 8 or 16 gig byte usb stick and or burn youre music projects to a dvd ( cd blue ray )

Use it as backup.
Thank you. :)
New upload.

Sounds a bit more warm now, especially on soundcloud it sounded a tiny bit bleak.

Hope Brandystarbrite is happy now :P ... midi-remix
Last track I made is not allowed for BOL. (the party)

Rap samples used from the original, and its a kind of remix. ( midi recreation)

Although done in LMMS , it does not fit the rules.

So not all samples are allowed. :)