Midi file as far as I understand it, is not 4 to the flour, its 2 to the floor if that term exists. :P

Its kick snare kick snare in a four count.
I think I have seen it in synth1, vangelis presets, but no idea what it stand for.
Its possible I am mistaken about rappers delight.

I do have trouble hearing the kick or base drum in this track.

Listening to it again, I am starting to doubt my previous statement.

Gonna see if I can find a midi file.
I found this vid and thought of brandystarbrite, but this will help others too. I learned the term 4 to the floor myself from this forum, so I am only spreading the knowledge. :) Notice were the four to the floor comes from. The Drummer stamping the kickdrum pedal. 4 times, and 4 more and 4 more ......
LOL that does sound familiar, but I do not know from what .

No need to worry about it.
The bass drum or Kick pattern ONE two three four. ONE two three four. 1000 1000 1000 1000 and repeat :P That's four to the floor, like in most dance and pop music, Hip hop often deviates from this. Not four to the flour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZrAYxWPN6c Trance ? Four to the floor https://w...
Its a fun track, I like it.

Might need a bit more variation ?
I think the real difference between house and trance is in the percussion and syncopation.

Trance in general has a more standard four to the floor.

Also the repeating part seems different in trance and house. House has more of a short loop, but with the hi hats and such not standard but syncopated.
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After watching this vid, my worries about my house track sounding like trance is solved.

The main difference seems to be in the percussion, were the house percussion is more like Funk.