I know and like Samurai of Michaal Cretu. :)

He is not mine favourite though.

Maybe Jean Michel Jarre is mine.
I do not know about the theme, but the path to your soundfont directory should be saved.

I wonder if the theme is causing the issue?
Plug the cable in.

How about you tell us what midi keyboard you want to use, and more important, if it has usb or only the 5 pins Midi out connection. :)
While listening to James Last - Biscaya and my cover of this track, I noticed the lack of wide stereo in my track. Calf stereo tools to the rescue. :) There is some thing else bothering me though about my cover. Some of the bassline line and other instruments sound slightly off beat. Already found o...
Probably a new or mutated virus, so they (goverments) can surpress us even longer.
All Linux users should not come to this forum first, for problems with LMMS, unless they are using the appimage file. They should talk to their package managers. I am willing to bet most package builders don't even know there is a problem with the LMMS they build, because nobody tells them. That was...
Is that box not supposed to get a midi signal, so were talking about midi out from LMMS?

Audacity can record sounds, which you then can use in LMMS through the audio file processor.

Hope this helps ?

I used blender to do this:


There are tutorials on how to make a vid for you music with blender also ones that require a lot less work then mine.
I think that is very good. Well done.