Its not bad, but are you sure the sound starting at 0:16 is in tune ? :)
It might be more fun to just make music, and not care about the genre. :P
Welcome to the forum.
The link probably need to end with some thing like .jpg .png or another picture format.
For questions about compiling you better go to LMMS discord server. But why are you compiling that old version ? Compiling LMMS is not easy, but if you're gonna do it better get latest sourcecode. But why not use the Appimage file? Download it, set it to executable and you have lmms working on youre...
Nice track, but what climate crisis? :)

Don't let youre self be fooled by our corrupt leaders.
Its a good start, but I don't, I like the out of tune? sounding notes.

Curious on how you did that effect ?
Good track. Don't think it's 100% house though.
Sounds good, I am not sure I still have the project. lol

Will have to take a look on old pc.
Does it make you wanna install suse yet ? :P

And yes wonder if they hired people for the vids. And or musicians?