Watching this vid, very interesting. Totally reminds me of were and how I got stuck. ( I as always refuse to copy past midi notes from a midi file I have ) I want to understand what is happening, and how this track builds up, is were I loos track every tim...
Thank you, found it. :)
How do I repost bots (spam) , or is that not necessary ? :)

tya post: talk to ubuntu.
I like it and I recognize it. Its a nice song.
Thank you :)

Now it starts to make sense.
Not sure what you mean by a flat pack , but lmms comes with the extra's.
Sybth 1 vst ?

1m24 ?

But I wonder if its a sampler we hear.

It totally reminds me of james brown is dead at 0.40 .

I think I hear a pitch change, but musicbear will probably know how to do this. :)
I am working on a cover, Vangelis - Alpha Tried my best but got stuck at the build up, then found a midi file. A part of this is confusing me. I don't seem to be able to find what chord this is? ( piece is in C# ) Any thoughts on this? Is it a chord ? Or just allot of keys ...
Any ideas anyone? It is indeed 'scratching' -Really big thing in the 80' !!! MalcomMc-Donald had a track where chicks said "all that scratching make me itch" Instant success.. :p You can find VSTs that can do it, ( I just cant remember the bloo... name:| ..8 different 'effect-options' and very hard...
I think you should run the installer, you downloaded as admin.

Right click on the lmms file you downloaded, and click -run as admin.