You need to use longer notes, and or try the beat and bassline editor.
Will give that a try. the first two spaces look wrong though. but that might be because my piano starts at : Second piano part seems to be same as base line note spacing wise. You can also hear this in the original. My current baseline, f...
Listening at a lower speed with vlc media player, I start to wonder again.

The first note or is it those first two notes.
Or just allot of delay and or reverb?

dub dadub

or dudu dadub

I know a program that can do that, I am not sure if lmms is suited for that. Ardour.

You can import wav files into LMMS, but cant sync them as far as I know.

I do not know ardour well enough though, to be sure ardour can do this.
I was hoping you would say that. I hear something different, but don't have a clue on what is different. Do you agree with the notes the bass player gave me? ( EEE EEE GGG AAA ) Then I might have to record it again, from my midi controller while playing along, because then the timing must be close b...
You can't record audio directly into LMMS.

You Can however record with audacity, and then import those files into the audio file processor.
:) Some stupid with a flaregun, burned the place to the ground. Montrue ? No idea how to spell it especially in English. Smoke on the water, how could I have missed that, I at-least had the band right lol With the rolling stones truck parked outside we made a place to swet ? Fun Fact, for the younge...
That sounds very familiar LOL

Made it in lmms, E and G as 1/4 note then A a 1/2 note. ( pause between the notes )

Some part of me want to say child in time, but that cant be right. This is gonna bug the hell out of me lol,

I will be dang dang daaang all day. :)
This is were I am now. ... er-attempt

Like the 909 kick better then the kick from the original. It starts to sound like something I can live with.
It needs some eq on the piano for sound cloud. bit less highend prob.
Looks good, :)

That should help some people.