Found for now two different cymbal sounds, and its already a huge step forward. :)

Thank you guys.
Thank you guys.

@ sliptstick. LOL

I off course already had googled, and for Cymbals I got pics of the thing brandy explained, only adding to my confusion.

But now its clear to me, I need to look for cymbals crash and ride. :)

Hi hats are Cymbals too, that also helps.
Since I started on my Child In Time cover, I was annoyed that my hi hat ? sound, does not even come close to the Deep Purple _Child in Time ones. I already found one in a Hydrogen drum kit, but here's my questions, and the vid to show the drummer, hitting 3 ? different hi-hats ? Are all three called...

ting ting ting :P
Made some minor changes, and I am back with 3 times Calf reverb plugin on the organ. ( John Lord ) This helps to make it sound more like the original. Had some issues, but found out the midi file is like this. I cant copy paste the notes, because of my different bpm, but I am recreating the midi pat...
This is were I am at now :)

Only 10 min to go :(

Child in time, the John Lord first intro part. ( till about when gillian ? starts to sing. ... n-progress
I wonder if its not just a windows setting ?
I have limped to 50 sec in. Maybe the midi file was right after all. Although , I now have the first piece of John Lord in, it still needs a lot of fine tuning. I lost the timing. After about 40 sec, the right hand goes out of sync with the left hand so to say. :P That will need more studying, liste...

2m48 applies to what want to do.

Same for windows and Linux, although the path will be a little different. ... t-Win-FULL

I have no idea if it will work though.

I just tested it, and it seems to work, I have how ever not tested exporting a track.