As a example how bad popular music can get.

Don't ask me how this ever became a small hit. Made as a joke.
Some say we should use jack for serious audio.

I see allot of people having issues with jack though.

I agree with dj-pixus.

We will have to wait for pipewire :P

This should makes things more easy for us, like using programs that use jack and pulseaudio together.
I have that feeling most of the times. One thing I have noticed, allot depends on what kind of music you make, and what people like at the moment. I remember this forum getting allot of trap related questions. Lets say the changes of me trying to make trap music is minimal. :P Asking your public is ...
Sounds good
I am impressed it really sounds good :)
Latest version.

I am happy with it, but think I can improve it, add more of my own maybe.

The end is like the original, but seems to be a bit boring because it goes into a never ending loop.

I could live with this version though. :D
I think you have two options. Best option, is to tell pacman about your problem. It's what I did on openSUSE, I started on the forum asking for help, and ended up emailing the guy who compiles LMMS for openSUSE. They were happy I did, because nobody had told them it was not working..... They did not...
I had a listen at your file, and I like how the bitinvader sounds. The original sound though is a brass preset on a polymoog. Its why I am using a brass preset of zasfx. :) I notice you have one more note in the bassline. The problem is I am not sure I lik...
Just a few small remark. He is on manjaro and that is not a debian based distro. Most of that wiki still applies though, but he can't use LMMS from the kxrepositories. I am on openSUSE, and although it has probably the same Kernel as Manjaro, its also is not debian based. I do not know the "mom...
I am not worried about copy right for a few reasons. I do not claim I wrote the original track and when I make a cover I always point at the original. As long as we don't make money from it, the changes of getting into trouble are small. Just start by admitting you are covering something. Give credi...