After watching this vid, my worries about my house track sounding like trance is solved.

The main difference seems to be in the percussion, were the house percussion is more like Funk.
I might do a rather dramatic change to the track, Biggest problem I have with the track: it does not make me wanna dance. For some time, there is this nagging voice / feeling, that I am almost making House, but not really House. Melody is to musical ? Not enough loop like. I am making the lead more ...
Thank you. I watched a vid of a guy using albeton. He used a frequency analyser, and looked at every instrument. Then he tried to cut the overlapping frequencies, which was a challenge because the kick and bass were occupying the same frequencies. :) This is a good tutorial on House: Fun to watch be...
Did you run the .exe from synth 1 file ?

What is you're operating system ?
Start the appimage from the command-line ?
Are you looking at the volume ?

The vu meter on the mixer should never be in the red.
Not entirely my taste of music, but I love how it is mixed. Well done :)
Mixing is the hardest part for me too. I never thought it would be so hard to really do it right.
Thank you, and I am afraid I need to cut some frequencies. :)

I am drowning the kick, and that is not intentional. Might have to side chain?
I would also like the bass to stand out more.
Interesting track, but I wonder if the lead melody is not too loud.