Congratz and I only like to add its the same for Windows and Linux.

To have synth1 working you need to run the exe file first. ( on linux you use wine for this )
And now its turning into a happy new year thread even.

Happy new year :P
I think you're missing something.

If you want you can delete the kicker form the bbe.

You can also just drag an instrument into the bbe.

That works for me on Linux with RC5.

Double clicking on an instrument no longer seems to work. ( for adding it to the song editor or the bbe)

you can still acces ther zynaddsubfx presets on the left side of you screen and drag them into zynaddsubfx.
So you're using a windows version of lmms, to run it on Linux through an emulator.

And now you're surprised it does not work right?

Install Windows and use the windows version, or install Linux and use the Linux version.

You could try the appimage on mint.
Happy new year
I always back up my project folder before I try it.
I did enjoyed it, and its definitely house :)
I am not sure if 64 bit vst are supported in Vestige. If you can find a 32 bit version of the vst, try that one. The difference between 32 bit and 64 bit. Lets try to keep this simple. A 32 bit os can only use a bit less then 4 gig max. A 64 bit os can use much more. 16 bit = 65, 536 bytes (64 Kilob...