Been messing around in LMMS and made the Alberti "bassline" (c e g e) Fitting it into one beat, might have helped me too. The Quantisation in the piano roll needs to be at 1/32 at least, but for now I stick to 1/32. I also inverted the Alberti part. Interesting. I could use that for an EDM...
I am afraid I have requested this before too, but its not in yet.
What musikbear was saying is drag Vestige into the piano roll. (from the left panel)

Then in Vestige click the green folder icon. He did not mean there is a green folder icon in the left panel. :)
It's why I go for studio monitors.

Then at least I know I have a kind of neutral sound, unlike with normal speakers.

It does not change anything about what musikbear said though.

There is no real fix.
Thank you, and that part is not in the fade to grey, that hit the charts. :) Chris Payne explaining, and telling the minimoog was missing, so he had to use a polymoog, is what got me using zasfx, and trying the brass presets. :P And how somebody of U2 tried to do this bassline, but failed and they e... 1m36 I want that in my fade to grey cover. Its a fight and made me wonder about triplets, but , now I don't think that's the answer. Already got some help from Linux musicians forum on what notes are played, but I have not figured out the right pattern, no...
Thank you.

Maybe I am just overthinking it. :)
Its a nice start. Not sure I like the voice much, but it sounds you need at thing before your mike, that helps against the too loud ssssss.
I am having issues figuring out triplets.

Is this right ?
On a site note about Carla, there is as far as I understand it, also Carla for Windows, but it does not have all the same features as the Linux version. Vst might work better though, since most are Windows files. You can´t use Linux synth, like Amsynth on windows, not with Carla either. https://kx.s...