On windows 10 I have to take the .bak part away. ? --woot, my LMMS 1.2.2 open .bak file from double clicking in win-explorer I rarely use it, but i can. Have you added association to .bak, for LMMS? I have not tried LMMS on windows for quite some time now, good to hear this has changed. Think is wa...
I only know there is one difference between my Linux (openSUSE), and my windows 10 pro. LMMS makes .bak files. On Linux I can open those without renaming them. On windows 10 I have to take the .bak part away. Musikbear is trying to help you, like him, I wonder if your not default filesystem is causi...
Thank you.

There is some room in the BPM, BPM is at 115 now.

Original is at 112 / 113 depending on what site you believe.

So I could go down a bit :)

Had to look in LMMS, but yes its 1/16 no spaces. :P
I might be learning something here.

I thought unix/ Linux does not care about the extension, but windows does ?

Those mse files need to be found by that .dll probably.
The only thing I can think of. That why I extracted the zipfile in my vst folder.
I hope you get well soon. :(

And you bring up points, why I am on Linux. On Linux its my pc, I am the boss, not my os. :)
Interesting, we are about the same age. :) It might not be normal having to restart a computer, but my experience on windows tells me other wise. If I don't do it windows gets slow, and buggy. My pc is dual boot though, windows 10 for some games, Linux (openSUSE) for everything else including games ...
I am not a Windows expert, but I wonder if, c:/VSTplugins is the problem. Also C:/jim/lmms is not standard. That's outside the windows directories. (or is windows not showing the entire path ?) But lets see what Musikbear has to say. Don't know how old you are, but first step with any computer syste...
This is what I have now:

I wonder if its not too fast though.

Will it help if I booo and hisss ? :(