And peeps, what ever you do do, do NOT N O T post any what so ever reposts of any kind AT ALL! Its also mentioned in the rules.. Leave all actions to Mods. Only report! Thats what the button is for.... Wait does this include copied example text and likes. Do I need to go stand in the corner in sham...
musikbear wrote:
Mon Jul 02, 2018 4:52 pm
Careful! If you use a word-processor or any editor with textformatting, and accidental press save, or keep the file open long enough, to invoke an autosave, your project is ruined.
Very good point, I did not think this through. I should probably edit my post before someone does it?
Thanks. So, it would be this compression operation that prevents the recovery of a corrupt project (?). Np. There's probably someone more qualified to answer this, but *.mmp is basically just a xml file you can open in a text editor and fix by hand if you know what you are doing. Try opening one in...
D.Ipsum wrote:
Fri Jun 29, 2018 9:37 pm
What is the advantage of .mmpz on .mmp? (why save in .mmpz instead of .mmp?)
Significant compression
lethaltalon wrote:
Sun Jul 01, 2018 3:37 pm
...they fold back up, and I can't drag them anywhere...
It does that folding back action to me too and it looks like it won't work but, as I drag it over the song-editor it shows a plus and gets added.
Um, right click; add steps?
Or did I misunderstand your problem?
Piano roll, if opened from beat/bassline editor, will have unstretchable (short green) notes. Is this the case here? If yes, then replace w/ normal notes.
Maybe the path to your samples need to be fixed? ... has: <instrument name="audiofileprocessor"> <audiofileprocessor reversed="0" looped="0" lframe="0" interp="1" eframe="1" stutter="0&qu...
Thanks for clarifying. I know nothing about jack, so im not able to assist. I could not access your uploads. The xml resulted in empty projects. Could you place both watsyn presets in a normal mmp, and use something like dropbox? At least i could test the behavior on win with SDL, but i doubt there...