SoundCloud: ... bitz-remix

Been listening to this for years. Just a great mood, awesome breakdown, super hyped-chorus. Love most things Grabbitz does, and this remix is definitely one of them.
I've made some progress on this tune since last year when I exported this preview, but not much. I have had lots going on in life and haven't done anything serious in LMMS for a while. I kept this preview to myself, but thought I'd share it now and see if anyone had any feedback and suggestions for ...
Just found this. Very cool looking!

Artvera wrote:
Thu Nov 12, 2015 6:00 pm
I created a new theme "Colored Darkness".
Okay, either way. At the very least, hiding unused tracks/samples like @diiz said, would be very useful.
I know this is over a year late, but at this point, just update to the latest version. I know they've fixed a TON of the MIDI stuff. :)
I think this is an issue that has come up before. I could be mistaken. It certainly is a problem with LMMS currently. I don't believe the current version supports scaling. It would have to be modified in the source code to use style-sheets or something like that, I think. If you're using Windows, yo...
You should give us an example of the VST you're using. Like musikbear said, some VSTs, like the MDA collection, don't have a GUI at all, so you're looking for something that isn't there.

Let us know what VST your talking about and then you'll get a better answer. :-)
I do like the idea of having at least one SF2 / VST (instrument) that comes with LMMS, just so you have *something* out of the box, but maybe we could also include a list of tested SF2s, just like we have a Wiki for the tested VSTs? Maybe a link so those Wiki pages either in the LMMS UI itself or so...
You'd have to ask the artist. It'd just be up to him to actually make the theme. I do believe some things have changed since version 1.0, so maybe that's why he hasn't finished it? Five years does seem like a long time though, haha. But, anybody can make theme and import it into LMMS. It doesn't hav...