:D First off, Welcome to the Forum Gongari! Here are all important links: http://lmms.io/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4740 -A few rules and useful forum instructions Your issue could be, that the Beat&Bass-editor actually does open, but that it does so far out to the right, could you try and see if th...
Thank you for reporting this issue. It will be fixed in the next release 1.2.1.
No, this is an other issue. I'll have a look.
@musicbear do you know an issue on github that file this problem? It is something that annoying me a long time. I want to add some features that would help here.
Yes, please update LMMS to the very last Release Candidate (1.2 RC7). This bug is fixed.
Try to add the 'fast lookahead limiter' effect on it.
Please use the scrollbar on the very right side of LMMS. ;)
Hi some guy, At the moment it is not possible to record audio with lmms. But in the last days we made a progress in this issue. It looks very promising. I guess the 1.3 release will have this feature. In the meantime you should use the alternates which will be offered here in the forum. The most use...
It's not possible to split the audio at the moment. This will be implemented in the future. But not in the coming release 1.2
The main reason for releasing a beta version of a software is to let the user find bugs. So yeah, bug reports are very appreciated. Please feel free to file an issue on github. Please don't forget to tell us which operating system you are using.