I am not asking about the :: Vinyl record being spun backwards briefly, Now that is kind of a problem since thats exactly what Glitch can do :P i am talking about starts there and continues on into the track, it stops at 1:37 So it begins at 0:57 and exits at 1:37 whole new ballgame :p Yep Gps is c...
Gps wrote:
Tue Jun 18, 2019 4:03 pm
Indeed we are :D
Is it a chord ? yes C#min All the other notes are doublets to give more 'fullness' to the C#min You find the 'naked' Cmin from 2. note from bottom. Thats a C# 3 notes up Thats a D 4 notes up Thats a G# Then he adds a helper note (bottom) to 'widen' the chord, and finally he repeats the whole C#min ...
Incorruptable wrote:
Tue Jun 18, 2019 12:25 pm
if you recall the VST at any time, just throw it in here.
I did not, but i had help

Thatta one thnaks to LostRobot
Any ideas anyone? It is indeed 'scratching' -Really big thing in the 80' !!! MalcomMc-Donald had a track where chicks said "all that scratching make me itch" Instant success.. :p You can find VSTs that can do it, ( I just cant remember the bloo... name:| ..8 different 'effect-options' and very hard...
.. Adding to all the fine tips you got there, is to listen to a lot of the songs like what you like to make. Understand the song-structure ! Count the bars in each typical structure-part Understand how the bass plays over the beats! Count numbers of notes in sole instruments and emulate structure o...
I don't know what I did to break it lmaoo Any ideas? Its difficult. This: I closed it and opened it today and all the sample noises sound terrifying!! Can you remember what you did on your pc after you shut LMMS down? Like * installed something * played a game * moved or deleted files ??? If that d...
edh1967 wrote:
Sun Jun 16, 2019 2:02 am
Hmmm. Actually, I have a Korg nanoKeys 2, with the appropriate driver installed (and reinstalled)
Not al all related to the issue you have with the Roland MT-32

The error popup says MT-32 The eroor comes from, and is specific for Roland MT-32
First, Welcome to the Forum ThePianoDude ! Here are all important links: http://lmms.io/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4740 -A few rules and useful forum instructions LMMS 1.2.0 32 bit version running on iMac (2011's) with windows 7 bootcamp partition (works exactly as a windows pc) " exactly " ,, Nee p...
Zuko wrote:
Fri Jun 14, 2019 8:09 pm
I ran the SFZ plug-in only to find out LMMS is ignoring MIDI-signals.
Yes, afaik it is not supported. Full SFz will be, downstream, but not scheduled