that are the ghost note, if i have understood well Oh no! That is sidechaining through a peak-controller. No Ghostnotes are notes that is kind of 'a mirror of other tracks'. It helps you to harmonize and create chords with the other instrument. Try out my described hack, and you will see how ghosts...
scheishaus wrote:
Mon Jul 16, 2018 1:52 pm
Ok you have accidentally made a change in your general settings.
What you have are compacted-song-editor view

Go to your settings
Edit| Settings

the 7. option is "Compact-track-buttons"
You have that enabled. Disable that, and restart LMMS
That should do it.
someone made it in this project Ok so you made me dl the project :p Where are there Ghosts? It is not possible in lmms. We simply do not have that feature I have speculated in doing it in various ways, but none is really good. Only 'way' is to copy the notes you want as ghosts into the new song-edi...
project with a vst lmms crashes dont worry, your projects are not lost! Read: However.. What LMMS version are you using. Our 1.2.0 RC6 is significantly better in vst-support, than the 1.1.3 Besides that, since you are new i...
Jibin wrote:
Sun Jul 15, 2018 4:43 pm
the Casio CTK6300IN Keyboard with LMMS 1.2.0 RC6 (I have used 1.1.3 also) on Windows 10 version 1704 works!
T.y Appreciated!
Will add it to a wiki-list
My Channel Names are gone. Hi Welcome to the Forum scheishaus! Here are all important links: -A few rules and useful forum instructions -amo, how to post images :) When you say 'gone' are those names you have made, or are they default names? * is the is...
Hello , to anyone who read this! Hello right back to you and Welcome to the Forum BCS ! Here are all important links: -A few rules and useful forum instructions I'm running 1.1.3 on Windows 10.0 x 64 Ok, that is not a good combo. Back in may, there was ...
Lets for the clarification add the chapter in wiki, ... #Base_note
and the picture of 1.1.3 base-note Image
Here it is green. Moving it, is equivalent to using a different scale.
Hi! Hello! Welcome to the Forum dlp2 ! Here are all important links: -A few rules and useful forum instructions or to import my compositions into MuseScore? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated! Yes you can export to midi-notes , and those can be c...
Great - RC6 is out now though, and RC7 is whipping its feets in this very moment :'p