scheishaus wrote:
Mon Jul 16, 2018 1:52 pm
Ok you have accidentally made a change in your general settings.
What you have are compacted-song-editor view

Go to your settings
Edit| Settings

the 7. option is "Compact-track-buttons"
You have that enabled. Disable that, and restart LMMS
That should do it.
someone made it in this project Ok so you made me dl the project :p Where are there Ghosts? It is not possible in lmms. We simply do not have that feature I have speculated in doing it in various ways, but none is really good. Only 'way' is to copy the notes you want as ghosts into the new song-edi...
project with a vst lmms crashes dont worry, your projects are not lost! Read: However.. What LMMS version are you using. Our 1.2.0 RC6 is significantly better in vst-support, than the 1.1.3 Besides that, since you are new i...
Jibin wrote:
Sun Jul 15, 2018 4:43 pm
the Casio CTK6300IN Keyboard with LMMS 1.2.0 RC6 (I have used 1.1.3 also) on Windows 10 version 1704 works!
T.y Appreciated!
Will add it to a wiki-list
My Channel Names are gone. Hi Welcome to the Forum scheishaus! Here are all important links: -A few rules and useful forum instructions -amo, how to post images :) When you say 'gone' are those names you have made, or are they default names? * is the is...
Hello , to anyone who read this! Hello right back to you and Welcome to the Forum BCS ! Here are all important links: -A few rules and useful forum instructions I'm running 1.1.3 on Windows 10.0 x 64 Ok, that is not a good combo. Back in may, there was ...
Lets for the clarification add the chapter in wiki, ... #Base_note
and the picture of 1.1.3 base-note Image
Here it is green. Moving it, is equivalent to using a different scale.
Hi! Hello! Welcome to the Forum dlp2 ! Here are all important links: -A few rules and useful forum instructions or to import my compositions into MuseScore? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated! Yes you can export to midi-notes , and those can be c...
Great - RC6 is out now though, and RC7 is whipping its feets in this very moment :'p
In conclusion, if the melody of the original sample sounds the same or feels similar, it can cause problems. That's right?? No, you cant use excepts of existing songs. Its called Sampeling , and it has been deemed illegal. Moby, one of the most active in the Sampeling scene, said : Today its only a...