It seems like it's only purpose is to make things unlistenable, :p well it does 2 things: 1) It amplifies the wave -That is actually not wanted... 2) It alter inclining of the wave. You can best see this effect in a spectrometer, if you play a pure sine, Ofcause you see the expected soft sine-patte...
ACYDE Music wrote:
Thu Sep 20, 2018 6:22 pm
I am switching to FL Studio.
Gods speed! Good luck in the industry !
Is there a way to expose the LMMS mixer to hydrogen outputs? I believe there is a way in linux, where hydrogen outputs goes through JACK and lmms, but its beyond my area of confidence :p Most inc. me, uses the hydrogen samples directly in lmms, and only that. Can hydrogen export midi? Then you can ...
D.Ipsum wrote:
Thu Sep 20, 2018 11:09 pm
I believe it's a bug.
Is the bug also present in RC6?

There has been a 'bug' where muted BB-lines, could cause muting of a track in song-editor, but afair it was solved in 1.1
Yes: * LMMS is good for beginners * you can make complete songs * its free some help, tips and directions on how I can start making my own digital music. So first Music-theory You simply cant make music, if you dont understand scales keys and harmonies! I recommend, but its quite a dis...
I click em, they work. I click play in the piano roll, they don't make a sound. Ok i read this as inside piano-roll: If you left-mouse-click on the white and black keys , you have sound! Right? If you place a note in the grid, that note is silent Right? My guess is that you have set the velosity to...
I want to get the updated version but im scared Gps is right, however 'everything' means everything YOU made! -eg Your own stuff Lmms comes with our factory files, and then users add their own files, default in the Projects library. So 'everything' would be your Projects library, and all the preset...
Gps wrote:
Wed Sep 19, 2018 5:35 pm
Zynaddsubfx seems to sound way to nice, too friendly ? Hard to put in words.
Yes, zasfx default phase has low incline, but that can be changd. I will make a vid on phase-settings in zasfx.
if I try to adjust some of the notes that startt around the same block, it affects the others at that time frame and all the notes get boosted. Only selected notes will change volume together. But there are tricks you can use, to set volume for notes in blocks:
This is not what I mean. Im repeating my self. there is only o n e correct way to react, when something fishy appears: Click on the report button We all use the Quote-button. The report-button is just 3 buttons to the left.. That said, it is too strange that Add-bots should formulate a real logical...