comixart wrote:
Sat Feb 23, 2019 4:43 pm
VERSION 1.2.0-rc8
Real 'ghost-notes' are not a part of the RC8, so if you want to have a kind of ghosted-notes, you need to do like in the video
I used lmms 1.2.0 rc7 Ah.. that version do have all newest VST fixes, im afraid, but you got it fixed by installing RC8 ? Odd.. Could it be, that you install as admin, but try to get access as common user? If so, then give the user account more (all) privileges But the guide in wiki, will always so...
I can only get it to play the first three seconds if that. Is there any way to make it play the whole loop In AudioFileProcessor AFP you also need to mak sure, that your Start-point and your end-Point are both placed correctly at start and end. You may like to see an introduction video to AFP: http...
Rafaelcortazio wrote:
Fri Feb 22, 2019 8:30 pm
see if you like it
Very fine! You have lovely harmonies and everything is in scale. The track has a kind of Mike Oldfield feeling. Nice!
comixart wrote:
Fri Feb 22, 2019 7:39 pm
Does LMMS have something similar to soundgoodizer or maximus?
What are those? Can you link to a demo?
Hi Hi, Welcome to the Forum niels1113 ! Here are all important links: -A few rules and useful forum instructions project won't load. It is just stuk loading this one vst instrument. Yes, that happens when a VST has a flaw Luckily it is very easy to fix:...
Incorruptable wrote:
Fri Feb 22, 2019 11:53 am
I figured out my problem.
Good! There is also one additional lesson in this:
When you build a preset, do not use the FX-tab in mixer! Instead use the FX-tab on the instrument. That way the preset, will be perfect in all projects.
The FX-tabs in Mixer is only for project specific use
Is there a way to shift the sample track within the measure of the song editor after it is imported ? Yes Just as all other blocks in song-editor, Sample-tracks can be moved snap-free to any position. Fist select a high magnification * Grab the sample-track and make it move -Now its 'free' but it s...
do you know any other good free ones? Synth1 I give the same answer every time im asked. Besides that, one of the absolutely best soft-synths is naively part of LMMS : ZynaddsubFX (zasfx) ! zasfx is propl. the most versatile soft-synth of all! I have made a play-list with tuts on zasfx: https://www...
Do not post "Help Please" topic Always Use descriptive topic-tittles! Tyia! How to make the melody match the chords /solo? everything is on the scale, but I have difficulty with other instruments Your bass is the key. You need to follow the bass with the other instruments. The most common problem is...