it was just updated yesterday iirc
I really like this a lot, it sorta gives me a new-age kind of vibe, it reminds me of the American soundtrack for Sonic CD in a way.
I'm feeling this though
maskeo wrote:
Thu Apr 15, 2021 11:56 am
Oh, wow 😂😂😂 all the links in my bio on LMMS forums are so outdated 😂😂😂.
lol, I was in the same boat a couple of weeks ago
anyway this song is pretty catchy despite me not knowing the language this is performed in lol
Is this gonna be ported to 1.3? As of now when I load this theme into the 1.3 alpha (along with other 1.2 themes) all of the keys become totally black and the note labels on TCOs aren't scaled correctly, though otherwise it works perfectly fine. I really love this theme too!
Expanding the range of genres on LMMS Opus even further is Steve Pixus with this masterclass example of uplifting trance, 'Drivin' Thru Space'. Apparently there's more of this in the works, and we can't wait to hear it... I love the descriptions your writing for these songs, it really reminds me of...
this kinda reminds me of LazerBlade's older songs, and for that alone I'm loving this a lot
I am having a problem where when I drop the Spitfire Labs VST .dll file into my track, it crashes LMMS. I uninstalled and reinstalled LMMS, and got it to work one time, for about a minute. I then made the mistake of trying to switch instruments in the labs, and it crashed my LMMS again. Now it will...
I've prepared these tracks for Best of LMMS 8. One of them was an old throwaway that I revived, the other was made quickly in the final hours before the deadline to submit a song.
Tell me what you think!
Hi, I used Fruity a long time ago relatively frequent. Now I just want to play around a bit and wonder how I use a Sample instead of the Kicker in a Beat/bassline Sequence track? I aprreciate help :) Just open the sample browser and drag a sample into the Beat/bassline editor, just as you would in ...