Samples in the Beat Editor are played with AFP and can be accessed via a piano roll. There's no practical difference between AFP in Beat Editor and AFP in Song Editor.

Your problem might be with the "added effects". Some effects are not stable. What effects are you using?

I'd like to help but a lot of you people will insist on posting when I'm fast asleep. If only we were all in the same time zone ;).

You've got the idea there. Probably the best reason for using inversions is because you want the bottom and top notes of the chords to make nice little melodies as they go along. The middle notes are less important. And as you say, sometimes sticking to first inversion chords means you get big ugly ...
If you talk to any guitarists, particularly those who play metal genres, they'll tell you all about power chords. Only 2 notes, the root and the fifth. And jazzers will regularly play chords with 5 or 6 different notes. So I'm going for any number of notes from a scale, though it's true the basic ch...
Gps wrote:
Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:39 pm
Now I am depressed, I must be getting old.
Not nearly as old as Tchaikovsky.

But if you want to get really depressed just think, there's a lot of really good music out there and you'll never have enough time to listen to all of it ;).

I like loads of instrumental classical music, all the way from the 16th century up to today. But I still can't stand opera. Those really high screechy female singers literally make my ears hurt. It's a shame because the composers are often good, the overtures, where they play some of the tunes witho...
You can use .wav files with either Audio File Processor or Sample Track so there's no need to convert them. If you have single hits then AFP is probably best. If you have loops then AFP may work or if they're longer try Sample Track.

1 . Music that repeats 2. A thing I like 3. A thing I don't like Do I win a prize ? All the music I've ever heard or made, apart from some experimental stuff, is repetitive in some sense. E.g. most songs repeat exactly the same melody for all their verses. Much classical music repeats phrases with s...
There are lots. Try and also check the section at the bottom showing VSTs that have been specifically tested and shown NOT to work. There are quite a few others that will work but unfortunately plenty that will not. There is not much you can do but te...
TuxGuitar can export MIDI. LMMS can import MIDI. That seems like a good start.