Please say which VSTs you've already tried. I don't want to waste my time recommending a load of things that you've already decided are in your opinion "subpar". You can enter things via the piano roll and people have created some excellent music that way. But your PX130 already is a MIDI keyboard. ...
The "pitch coefficient" effectively works with percentages. A semitone increase is +5.95% so a pitch coefficient of 1.0595 is a semitone up.See ... _and_notes for a listing of other values.

Just saying that some VSTs are o.k. but the ones you like aren't o.k. isn't really very helpful.

The names of the plugins that cause you problems and maybe links to them might allow someone else to check out what's happening.

Then I've more or less run out of ideas. One last thing. Is it plugged into a USB 2.0 port? Some of those cables don't work with USB3.0.

However, when I connect the MIDI output (playing noises from the computer on the keyboard), a light flashes on a piece thats on the cable Yes but WHICH light flashes? When you play the MK-939 it should be the one marked IN. If not, are you really sure you have the MIDI IN cable plugged into your ke...
What "MIDI cable" do you have (a link to it would be best)? How exactly is it connected? If it's the sort of thing I think then you should have the plug marked MIDI IN plugged into your keyboard's MIDI OUT socket. It seems odd but that's how it works. Is the light that flashes in LMMS or somewhere e...
A key phrase to look up is "voice leading". That's all about how melodic lines and chord progressions relate.

What Yamaha keyboard is it? They're not all the same.

Most newish ones, no problem. Some older ones, no chance. Almost all modern keyboards use MIDI over USB rather than the old 5-pin MIDI connectors.

It all depends on what BPM (Beats Per Minute) your song runs at. The time length of a beat (quarter note) is 60 divided by the BPM in seconds and there are (usually) 4 beats per bar. So at 120BPM each bar lasts 60/120 x 4 = 2 seconds, at 90BPM each bar is 90/120 x 4 = 3 seconds etc. So unless all yo...
M_Audio Oxygen 25 MkII
Casio PX-350M Digital Piano

Both working well with LMMS RC7 on Windows 7 Home SP1 and Windows 10 Home.