Hey. In case anyone is interested, I got an answer. To make a track in the Song-Editor take up less vertical space, move the cursor over any unused section in the track. Push the shift key, then click and drag. Thanks Squatro!

I hear it only works in the 1.1 versions :(
Hey all, happy new year!

There's a way to make the tracks narrower (less tall) in the Song-Editor. Anyone know how it's done? Thanks.
Thanks… I don’t think it will make it that far :) There are a lot of really good entries.
Hey, Question. I have a song I’m thinking about posting in the competition. It’s not a remix, but it does have parts taken from another person’s music (with permission). Is it OK to post this?
How about a note volume feature similar to the “detune mode” feature in the piano roll. Would be nice to be able to crescendo or diminuendo a long note sometimes.

This may relate to: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3562
Wow. Thanks for the info! I use ZynAddSubFX presets in most of my work. I also like reverb… the cpu meter usually peaks around 50%. Sometimes more, depending on how many presets and how many FXs I’m using. I’ve run into this problem before and had to stop working on the project…
Well here’s my addition to CaLRo’s remix of HIGH ON’s IDEALITY. It’s a mess :/ … after starting over 4 times I decided EDM really isn’t my forte. But, I said it was my turn :) maybe someone can fix it or use some of it.
My turn :) I’m working on something to go along with CaLRo’s remix – Ideality… may be a couple of days before I can finish.
So, my entry’s either really good or really bad :) Any input, comments, suggestions? And while we’re at it, Side chaining and compression. I read some posts and I think I understand what it’s supposed to do… can anyone recommend a native FX I can use/play with. I tried one of them and couldn’t get i...