Yes ,my fault, I had in mind 44100. But i want change this not for project export, but for real time audio engine output.
How to change output sample rate in LMMS? I have 44000 and I want change to 48000 on windows 7 x64.
Zyn is more deeper and more complicated synth. For learning synthesis nothing can beat Synth1, plus you get amazing sound and many thousands of presets.

P.S. Synth1 is very capable too.
It would be better that this fixed developers, not me.
Windows 7 x64, lmms 1.20 rc2 x64.

Pattern is copied, but automation curve dont work.

Edit: on relauching LMMS and reopening project that work :!:

After some time: not work again.
my problem is that: I copy & paste 2 bars lenght automation pattern to next 2 bars and copied pattern does not work, no automation in last 2 bars. Its bug or what?
The last
Shortcircuit, sadly, have problems: projects with him dont load and crash LMMS, so Grace now are official sampler VST. :)