Yes, yes!!!
Oh it's nothing, just my daily remix routine. Hope you dig it!! :^)
I have two new remixes for the community to enjoy and critique This is Katy Perry's famed single California Gurls in collaboration with Snoop Dog with my personal twist: This is B.o.B's collab with Bruno Mars ala Orin style:
Hey guys,

It's been years since I last posted here. I did a short remix to show the power of LMMS as a DAW that we can make "okay" music without pirating or buying any software at all. ...

As far as I know, you can make this into a skin and upload it in the LSP, right?
How the heck did you do that?! OAO
(I know this sounds funny just like a joke but yeah just leave it alone) Hello guys, I wanted to announce that I have collaborated with caLRo and andythestrange to form a group called Open Source Mafia and we would like to ask some feedback, comments, and suggestions regarding on the track we are ma...
You can always come back and check it out. No biggie :l
Hang in there man, they're working really hard on it. Possibly that and many more features will come with the release of ML Studio 1.2 erm I mean LMMS 1.2.x :DD
i wonder if pushing volume knobs up and down are considered "using" xDD :PP :33