But it learning to do it right can transform in routine so don't mind about what wright mixing/mastering is
Yes of course it is important.
musikbear wrote:Nice art, but there is already artwork done for 1.2 :)
Here is an icon https://ufile.io/f1e26
This morning I drew cool new icon for the programImageзагрузить картинку
Really nice relaxing sound.
brandystarbrite Please, don't write enjoy! :D
Or Genre: House,Deep-house,
God dammed. Please , Britney Spears - Toxic , Genre: EDM(Big room,festival edm,etc)
Artur G wrote:Hello,
My name is Artur and really want to make music using your program. Unfortunattely, I have an issue : every time an instrument plays, changes notes, etc... the is a clicky sound. Please help.
Zombie panic))) :P Solution: Try reinstall the programm.