D.Ipsum wrote:
Mon Jul 02, 2018 11:08 pm
Do you have a lot of track in stock?
Naah, just a couple of more, made with FL Studio. :)

Which can be found here:
Another track in the spirit of the trance from the 90s. Made a couple of years ago while I was learning LMMS and music composition. Enjoy: https://soundcloud.com/celestiq/invaders-from-osion/s-EYU1r As a note, this track was made before "Set sail for Beta Orionis" and is the first part of the story ...
some time ago while I was learning LMMS I made this little track using only built in instruments and effects, without loading in any sound samples or VST plugins.
Have fun: https://soundcloud.com/celestiq/set-sai ... is/s-KZRw0
Well, for me the sound of this VST is just so low quality I wouldn't put it in a track. It just sounds irritating to the ears. If the quality were higher, it would be useful, even very useful. The idea is very good, but the quality is not. Just my opinion.
Hi, I am wondering if someone can do this for me: I need the dll version of the C*Plate 2x2 reverb which is embedded in the caps.dll that comes with LMMS. Now what I am trying to do is load that reverb in FL Studio, but FL Studio does not support LADSPA, only VST, however I use a LADSPA wrapper whic...
Yes it works now, of course. My problem was that I was saving with the button bellow that one (on your screenshot, in the bottom-right corner, there is another "Save preset" button). That one saves preset as ".fxp" file and not ".xpf", so when I put it under "My presets" it did not open of course. A...
There's nothing stopping you loading the VST into Vestige once and saving it as a preset. Then you can drop it onto a track from the My Presets left hand panel. I do that with a few of the VSTs I use most often. I don't know any way to get it in the actual Instrument Plugin panel. Steve This sounds...


you can just drag n drop your vst pugin file from File explorer tab, or from Home tab - if you put your vst instrements to user Home folder This is exactly what I don't want to do - million clicks before I reach a plugin's dll. If at least home tab could be changed to some arbitrary location, but f...
Giving a percentage to the authors may boost this competition. Or else, if someone makes a really nice track with LMMS, why would he enter the competition when he can sell it online for himself? (and then perhaps donate a part of the profit to the LMMS development :)