hey guys, long time no see!

I've made a new song called wishes :) Hope you enjoy, and i love feedback of any kind (mostly constructive though ;))
Thanks! ily <3
feedback is amazing to me, thanks <3 o3o
thanks guys! also, both the chill fox and the chill frog were my aliases from before
a full song i made, i don't know what to really call it, genre-wise. but here it is :) <3
yeah something that i tried expressing my feelings through.
thanks <3
thanks guys!!
i've been out of habit to make music and i gotta before the summer... so here's something for you. I hope to release another song before july as i won't be around that much during that time.
pic by me
@kalaherty oh yeah i see, thanks! :)
@Leche ohhh yeah ok now i see that. thanks too.
Thanks guys ^_^
ok so actually my ukulele song is taking a lil longer then expected and i had this lying around so here
just be patient <3 enjoy my lovely ones