Hey everyone,

Here's the track:


bit more chill than usual

Hey everyone,

I'm still making stuff (slowly). Here's a small sample from a new track I'm working on:


So I finished the initial idea I guess.


Thanks for listening!

Might get re-upped at some point because I think the current version has some artifacts left from exporting.
I just finished the game, and was completely blown away by how good it was. I'm not gonna lie: I was expecting a game I'd play for a few minutes and get bored with, but this game was actually brilliant. The graphics were extremely well done, while the sound was amazingly immersive and professional. ...
Couldn't you instead just add a volume/cutoff envelope with predelay?
Hey everyone,

Here's a new electro/house WIP, with a bass created using some FM in Monstro.


Hey everyone,

It's been a while (exams), but here's a house track I've been working on:


I should be posting a bit more regularly now.

Hi everyone,

Here's a new track:


if you want to see it's early stages check out my clyp.it profile: https://clyp.it/user/jqihmwle

By default, TripleOscillator clips (there is too much volume) when you play more than one note. The way to fix this is by lowering the overall plugin volume or by decreasing the oscillator volume.
The best way I know of is to use the Narrower plugin on the master channel and set the narrowing to the maximum value.