So I wrapped up my work on Garden of the Ancient. The official release for that will be coming eventually, but for now, I started working on this song again. It's a bit refreshing after having spent so much time on such an aggressive song to switch back to my melodic roots. The working title for thi...
Got in a creative mood thinking about a character from Olan Rogers show Final Space named Bolo. Something about that character is just so well written, so I’m writing a song sorta inspired by that character. Trying to capture a sense of powerful majesty, but with an overarching sorrow of sorts. Chec...
Demo 5. slight fixes to the mix as well as some new additions. The second half of the song is still very much in a "work-in-progress" point of progress, so I apologize for the weird mixing as well as where the melodies cut out. But for the kicks and giggles, the four drops are Drop 1: Arabian Drumst...
Still working on ideas for this one, but I at least have a framework for the song. ... o4/s-XmoLw
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Tue Jun 25, 2019 9:59 am
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tya post: talk to ubuntu.
There’s a dedicated post related to the issue. Unless another moderator undid it, it should be pinned at/near the very top of the General Chat section of the forums.
Thought I’d play around with a loose concept for a sequel to my song Mirror Mirror (released as Jacoby Davis). This isn’t the end result for the first day: ... o2/s-sCOE8
This specifically applies to the current beta versions of LMMS including and since 1.2rc5. Some VSTs are known for having issues with the GUI or other functions. One thing that helps is if you turn off VST Embedding. This can be found in your general settings for LMMS. Some synths which I have teste...
So I decided to go ahead and change my background image for LMMS, but I decided I'd let the LMMS Discord Server vote on whether or not I should make my background image a more formal/serious looking background, or something else. They chose this.
Honestly I’m loving every minute of working on this song. It’s definitely gonna have vocals eventually, but this framework to the song is just so much fun to play around with.
Decided to go ahead and change my alias. Barren will be the first song under this new alias most likely, with other unfinished songs to also be released under the woodsōl alias.