Just finished this up this morning, let me know what you all think. :)

https://soundcloud.com/djvoid-official/ ... void-remix
New track, kinda softer pretty electro, not sure on the genre. But here it is, lmk what you think :)

Let me know what you all think, and don't forget to through our wonderful vocalists some love as well :)

https://soundcloud.com/djvoid-official/ ... o-staccato
No long winded explanation this time, just let me know what you all think :)

https://soundcloud.com/djvoid-official/ ... ions-decay
Jebee kibees. That is one scary intro. Lol! :mrgreen: But I will admit, this entire track, has an interesting sound to it. Good work on the volume, of the kick and snare sounds. And the synth melodies and effects, are nice too. Yeah there's still mixing to do though. At the end usually I stem out t...
And for a first time at hardstyle, I will say, that this track,.........has potential. 8-) Check out some of Outermind's tracks, posted here on the forums. Listening to some, might help aid you, on your hardstyle musical journey. :) Thanks yeah I've been talking to him on Skype actually and he's be...
Hhigh pass the bell, has unneeded high-end. Other than that, this is great man, I love it!
I like the 808s. What's the BPM tho? I tried freestyling a bit on it and the speed feels odd.
Overall, incredible design, hard to believe you made it using only lmms. The only suggestion I'd have is maybe make the first drop less sudden. But I'm an amateur, so take it with a grain of salt. Thanks man! And yeah, I mean of course the vox were processed in audacity, but yeah. Thanks for the fe...
So I started this as something different. not really sure what genre, but I wanted to see what others thought of this, and any feedback really. Thanks!