The claps are quite loud after 1:55, I would tune those down and cut some frequencies. Kick is also quite loud and slightly distorting. I am using pioneer hdj-2000 headphones for monitoring, which I prefer for electronic music listening only (too strong bass and flavored non-neutral sound). Other t...
It does. Yes on both FX chains in Mixer and Instrument's The order of effects doesnt make sense if it's only one, so it does only apply more than 2 Signal is ordered from top to bottom. The first ladspa/vst fx/lmms effect will have its signal processed first before the signal it modified sends to th...
If you're still wondering, Put the Hard Limiter effect and grab a amplifier and put it at -1db. When you convert your file to mp3 128kbps (like most websites do) the threshold kind of disappears, filling the rest of the waveform. If you're going to export it as a WAV (default) then leave it at 44.1...
hyperion wrote:
Tue May 05, 2020 9:50 am
Sounded really amazing. I really like the sound of it, may I ask what VSTs u used?
Used Synth1, ZynAddSubFX and TForce alpha plus.
You did well, I like it. Thank you "'Surge' wasn't just a song. It was an experience. The final chorus had me dancing on the ceiling!" - D-Mitry 2020 Fantastic song! Great work! Thanks, didnt expect this to be "rave-able" :lol: Aye. This is sick. Cool! :D Thanks! must have been a super uncomfortabl...
LIT theme, I'm gonna use this. Thank you.


it's gonna be bad news for people with protanopia :lol:
D-Mitry wrote:
Mon Apr 27, 2020 6:48 pm
Thank you very much! That's a very detailed explanation. Thank you!
You're welcome. I read your previous post that Youlean did not examine the audio you dragged into it. Tell me if my instructions did not work and it won't start to measure the loudness of the song
How do i measure the loudness of a song in LMMS? Does LMMS have a built-in loudness meter? I just want to know if my song is at -14 LUFS. I dont think so if LMMS have. I tried Youlean Loudness Meter and works very fine at LMMS and Audacity edit: I used it as a VST 2 Plugin and I put it on the maste...
Mixing the elements of pop house in the beginning and trance at the later part. Took me 5 hours, I'm just bored, no serious title yet so I named it after a VST I recently installed that is ironically not used in the song. Tried to finish while having diarrhea and pain in my guts ಥ_ಥ