does it use only 1 core Nooo You are looking the wrong place! TaskMan only gives you an overview of CPU-usage. You need to go into ResMon (Resource Monitor) to see the actual distribution over your HW. The link is tiny, its in the bottom of TaskMan, to the left AAAAHHHH nevermind, I found a solutio...
So, hi. From 32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate and an overheating Intel Core, I bought a new laptop and upgraded to 64-bit Windows 10 Home and a 10th gen Intel i5 processor. I tried to play my heavyweight project I made in my old machine, and from that weaker specs, it reaches at least 70% of CPU meter. Whe...
Sadly, it is possible to download a legitimate copy on an official website and provider just like on what happened to Audacity + Fosshub in their hijacking few years ago. But, being the source code located in GitHub and it is pretty secured, there is no way for the installers be infected with malware.
brandystarbrite wrote:
Mon Oct 14, 2019 3:01 am
Holy Mooncakes!! I like how this sounds.

Aiyooooo thanks <3
But the dubstep version, seems to have been removed.
How was it removed :O
Note: I had to laugh, when I saw you call, soundcloud Trashcloud. :lol:
yeah with that reallly bad compression I would like to delete my entire account
Ok... this is not epic, I failed horribly haha. Everything (except the hard hitting snare) were made in LMMS and no other 3rd party sample or resources used. I was just bored and decided to make my progressive trance song some twist. Everything was compressed into 1 hour including the stupid masteri...
musikbear wrote:
Tue Jul 09, 2019 5:10 pm
Does it export ok?
Ah yes. No issues found in speed :)

So basically, in the new update, the Fps was probably increased
Looks like a timelapse :|
  • Is the playback correct?
  • Have you tried with several projects?
  • What OS?
1. Yes, it isnt sped up or the freq increased
2. Yes
3. Windows 7 :cry:
So uh hi. I upgraded my rc 5 to 1.2.0 official release (promised myself to only upgrade till rc 149384 beta is up lol) when i upgraded and used it for the first time, i noticed that the waveform displays both in eq, the oscillioscope, and anywhere else (except the time), the speed is a lot faster th...
I decided to upload the final version here I added 1 additional melody from the final drop, balanced the bass, and fixed the supersaw presetd I made. It was a long ago since I opened this so I dont know what are really the changes Sorry if i dont reply but i read all your co...
Aye its a long time since i visited. My computers wifi card died and i couldnt go online anymore. My hope being transferring files to my phone just to publish online. Heres a song i made under 8 hours. The melody and anything. No further mixing and mastering and no even eq usage in the main fx chann...