HI dude! I noticed ur account's deleted months ago

aw man :(
I have seen people advertising crypto here before their account or posts get deleted... many crypto scams in the wild too. If you believe Incorruptable's post, beware what lurks in the darkness... Before this, the original account owner has posted LMMS related stuff last year's November. Could we di...
I was wondering if this is known by the LMMS devs ? https://github.com/WeirdConstructor/Kickmess Since LMMS is opensoure there is probably not much they can do ? LMMS is open-source, but is licenced under GPL2. Anyone may use LMMS code, but they are obligated to not only have LMMS-header with the G...
All are very well done!
Delay Lama is despised by a few professional producers :lol: :lol: :lol:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1ug4F2 ... l=LeviNiha

Scroll down and you'll see this comment:
make a beat using top 5 lowest rated vst-s from vst4free dot com. Those are awful and funny :D
I believe the type of plugin you are looking for is a multiband stereo imager, with some replacing "imager" with "processor" or "widener". The multiband is the important part, since it allows splitting the bands like you've specified. I don't personally make use of any...
I don't know what kind of plug is this and I need one... I want something that can separate frequencies' stereo position, it does something all high freq become stereo widened and 500 hz become centerpanned. I kinda feel tired for creating 3 additional channels of 1 instrument to separate frequencie...
IanLambert86UMz wrote:
Fri Jan 08, 2021 9:48 pm
JakeHodges1985 wrote:
Fri Jan 08, 2021 9:32 pm
Your song sounds pretty good.
but the video is a little bit strange :D
Always has been for almost every upload
This dude is almost banned here by musikbear and locked their topic for posting strange shit lol.
...Because sometimes these thieves, use tricks and loop holes in the law, to claim copyright to your works, and get ownership of it. And like in other countries, US copyright law's are known to be filled with loop holes. :P All right.... so what loopholes?? The worst I've personally seen is claiman...
If you want good output even for the non premium members, set the sample rate to a shitty 32000 hz :lol: It is not possible to change samplerate while working in song editor (still 44.1. Khz) and might only work in export. LMMS project playback uses the sample rate your system audio device is set t...