Thanks for you two answering fun fact, I did not catch at all what you said @Gps Actually I know nothing about all this hardware. I just got myself a cheap-cheap external soundcard which I use only to replace my faulty jack input on the computer. I hear that it's about $$$ so I'll wait a bit until I...
dear friends; so far I've been programming my tracks with clicking a lot of dots with my mouse. I do not own yet any midi controller such as 'piano controller' nor 'square controller' for my drum patterns so I'd like some insight about these topic : is it possible to assign any drum sample to a keyb...
Hee hee; thanks a lot Mr ! Yeah, I get this Egyptian feel too; I think it may come from the melody but also the instrument ! "Wailing PWM Lead" preset from ZynAddSubFX, very efficient. I'd say it is computer music haha. All this comes from the best use I could imagine from this Nescaline's strange p...
Hi folks; Sorry, I am not being very active at the moment. Reason is I am now in a training program to become a web developer. I am learning cool stuff such as JavaScript, but it is taking a lot of energy and creativity. Nonetheless, this evening I challenged myself to produce a complete sound and b...
Thanks a lot !

this electric guitar sound has a chaotic tune to it, that I appreciate to work with a lot. I hope I will reproduce this feeling in another track =)

All these experiments I practice should at some point leave me with a standard bank to use and re-use ^^
Thanks mister.

One of my friends was also caught by this aquatic ambiance.
This aquatic sounds are performed with one of the built-in elements from ZynAddSubFX.

That's cool; I hope I will find ways to use it again.
Dear friends; Today I am out of my confort zone (if there was one); as I decided to produce a somehow angry track. I started with tempo 200 BPM and the Erazzor element from the TripleOscillator Bank. It outputs a nice distorsion electric guitar sound. Then I have put on top an aggressive drum patter...
Thanks a lot for the feedback people ! I still feel like I am not handling everything well - like melodies, drum patterns, etc... But I do my best offering at least nice sound design and cool chords / color notes, fortunate stackings, etc. @D.Ipsum in my new piece I tried to dig some more things, yo...

I'd make the same comment, that some percs are too loud in volume, and that the last two minutes seem like the same.

I appreciated much the begininng with the long chords, since it is a gimmick I like to use in my own productions.

that was a nice piece, keep it going :)

thanks !