So i'm feeling "adventurous" and want to produce some sort of Hardstyle track, or at least try, Lol.

My question mostly is how you get that distorted Kick, and general structure of Hardstyle, any help is appreciated!
Congrats everyone! Some amazing music!
GoAm wrote:
Tue Apr 11, 2017 8:22 pm
Yet another WIP

Please give me some inputs, I don't know what to do with it... :/
Definitely got some spacey 80's vibes towards the middle of the track, love it, good the way it is.
Leche wrote:
Fri Apr 07, 2017 2:50 pm
It's a great track, but it just sounds too much like the original.

Also, glad you're back :)
True, it does, i used a lot of the same stuff, but fixed a lot of stuff i had wanted to for a while, like the sub bass, and the rides.

Glad to be back dude!
WOW is been A long time! i have an idea, what if we banned school? XD jokes aside, i decided to make a VIP ish of Electro Swingin' for BoL.

Hope you enjoy! ... wingin-vip
Once again, you craft a beautiful master piece, the title fits XD. only thing i have to gripe about is the buildup, not much of one, second is far better though. but man...cant stop listening!
Yeah buddy! Can't wait to see the results :P
mrlmmsguy wrote:
DJ FlyingPankakez wrote:Do i get a prize for being your first sub?
How's about 5 free snars? :ugeek: Or maybe I'll just repost....
Dang, these be some hardy Snares. good job on em.
musikbear wrote:
zonkmachine wrote:3osc... What about it?
You know (phase), dont say :)
I just think someone should have noticed, because ..miOmy :D
The new UI? Cuz your not making sense.
Do i get a prize for being your first sub?