Hello, I was wondering should one receive a notification of acceptance for their entry submitted for BoL VI? No, you don't get a notification. Once you've uploaded your entry, someone has to check it to see if it fits all the requirements (like links not working, the music track being an original p...
Is a song that you made and then remixed accordingly allowed? Yes. That would be called a VIP, which is what Jacoby talked about above. a VIP is considered a remix? If it is a VIP (Variation in Production) of a song you yourself created (composed, produced, etc.) and it is not a previous BoL winnin...
Franny23dmt wrote:
i cant believe The-Port-Of-Riches - Triumph didnt win a place hey.
I'm rapidly losing faith in the judges decision making process :(
The Port of Riches won 12th place. His entry is under the name Maestro Music. :)
D.Ipsum wrote: snip
I can hear what you're talking about. Yes, the quiet part needs the kick's punch altered. I'll work on that, thank you! :)

brandystarbrite wrote: Oooo! Would you look at that. Amazing! :D
I like this tune. It sounds cool. 8-)
Thanks Brandy! :D
D.Ipsum wrote: I like the beginning and the end. But I am less convinced by the quieter part.
Thanks! :)

I honestly like the quiet part in the middle, it gives the song a break.

Enjoy, feedback is welcomed! :)
Congrats to the winners! :)
peefTube Music wrote: Do we have a prediction for when the results will be released?
Yes, the google form said that after April 16th the judges would take two weeks to judge all of the pieces. The results are probably going to be announced this coming week. I can't wait :D
Douglas wrote: @JordanProductions Hey, can you PLEASE make a graphical EQ?
No need, my friend. LMMS has one in the 1.2.0 RC2 version :)
Hello to everyone, I'm sorry... I tried to submit two tracks but I can't find them in "submission so far". I tried to resend them ( I also changed the email address) but it didn't work.now I'm afraid that could be too many tracks... I'm writing to you to ask help... Thank you Davide ESSE I can expl...