What were you using for the choir? I like it!
Man, that's awesome, but music aside, the way you did that video was awesome! Opening up the tracks and using the mouse to visualize the music beyond seeing the notes themselves, bravo on the cinematography, as well as the music!
Oh my gosh, nostalgia aside (I discovered their stuff right around when I started playing guitar, they were some of the first songs I ever learned), right? It's so interesting to listen to their studio stuff versus their live stuff, two totally different approached to their own songs. There should b...
brandystarbrite wrote:Lovely classical musical piano piece, with a dramatical tone to it.
It sounds Victorian. Good work. :)
The Chill Fox wrote:Great job! Sounds very epic but like brandy said: with a dramatic tone
Thank you very much!
GoAm wrote:Fasten your seat belts, dream back to the good old days and enjoy. 8-)


Feel free to drop a comment if you wish.
Sounds great! I enjoyed it! :)
It has a nice whimsical feel to it, I like it!
Dark Fantasy Music - Ready the Vanguard Whoa-ho-ho! Dark that was! I will say, that belongs in some kinda medieval knight movie, hunting for Dark creatures from the UNDERWORLD. But, I think in the main melody, there's a tad to much dissonance. Just a tad. Very nice. Thank you! I listened to it agai...
This could be an interesting topic, but to get a better picture of which direction you want to take this topic, maybe you should go first and share a future project idea with us. :idea: Sure! I have this idea for a future song that would use celtic instruments-I am thinking harp, some kind of woodw...