Here's my newest song. Feel free to check it out and give me some feedback here. (Also, this is my BoL submission for this year.)
Wow! That’s one cool piece. The strings sound super nice, and I love the mystical feel of the whole song. Good work!
The piano is an Akai-Steinway soundfont. Beta 1.2RC LMMS equalizer and Ambience Reverb VST. Part of the sound comes from extensive humanization when sequencing it in the piano roll. Lots of velocity editing and slight timing shifts, I would say this part is actually more important than the base sou...
Dude this is great! I can’t wait to hear the finished product!
I love the piano sound at the end of Tempest! What Soundfont/VST did you use and did you do anything else to it in terms of mixing to make it sound so good?
Interesting track, but I wonder if the lead melody is not too loud. About sound quality, for me it feels muddy, so probably you might have to take some time to EQ your song to make the instruments brighter and more clear. The organ / saw sound that you introduce at 1:08, 1 minute later is completly...
Hello everyone! It's been a long time, but I have finally released a new song made in LMMS. It's called Memories (the link is below). Please give it a listen and reply with some feedback on the song. Let me know what you think, and I hope you enjoy it!

Have you tried importing into a sample track? At the top of the song editor, there is a button that says "Add Sample Track". Click it, then select your sound file.
From 02m30s and until the end, there is a persistent frequency that I wanted to reduce, or that lasts too long, I think it's a G3. Maybe it's related to the fact that I'm listening with cheap headphones. Yeah, I had noticed that too. I tried to figure out how to fix it and I couldn't, so I left it ...
I have uploaded a new song on YouTube called Charge. It is orchestral, but modern-styled with a bit of electronicness added in. Please reply with feedback or suggestions! The link to the song is below.