Nobody seems to be able to answer this, there's some questions about the license of the samples and there doesn't seem to be any clarity about this issue.
Problem seemed to be related to an incorrect identification of my motherboard's sound device. When I disconnected some USB speakers from the computer and reinstalled the latest version of LMMS it worked. Where previously LMMS wouldn't even save its settings on exit, once I disconnected my USB speake...
Windows XP, Version 0.4.12, popping sounds when first installed (Or when LMMS windows user folder config folder is deleted) and then resorts to the Dummy Audio Plugin afterwards. Trying to compile from source but can't overcome the weird libsndfile problem
The libsndproblem that is talked about in the wiki is still relevant, how are people compiling this thing on windows? ... on_Windows

Google shows a lot of people with the problem and zero people with the answer.
Has any of this been addressed?
Whhooooooooaaa awesome! Thanks, I can finally get some offline help. :P

Just wondering if that's a normal ad or something.
Go to "My Samples." Click on any of the XML files that come with the drumkit addon. The program will crash immediately with no error.

This is a huge problem! Running Windows XP. Imagine losing some work because you accidentally click something you weren't supposed to. Ouch!