this bug has been fixed by RC 8, BTW
worked out that if i have automation on the portamento knob then portamento option doesnt unselect itself
I found another bug in Zyn ... the portamento option unclicks/selects itself as soon as Zyn is in any state but the foreground , even if you dont minimise it & select another window to foreground.

What an amazing portamento tho , ive never seen anything like it!!
Again i do not understand what you mean with 'scales' in zasfx? Have you made micro-tonal tuning? sorry I mistype. In Advanced mode of ZynAddSubFX, there is the scales option, which brings up the microtonal options window, but I have only selected custom tuning, not microtonal settings. I havnt tri...
When I load a project with ZynAddSubFX channels, when it(ZynSub) loads, the "scales" setting for middle A tuning (440Hz default) loads incorrectly, either to 1.0000 Hz or 1000.0000 Hz. If I load same patch via a preset that Ive saved this doesn't occur.
So I tried to use the soundfont SCC Expressive Strings mentioned in the LMMS documentation, but they are *.sfz files, and LMMS doesnt recognise them. I tried changing the extension to *.sf2 like other soundfonts that i use, but it didnt work as you would expect .

Any insight into this? :D thanks!
is there a way to use Linux based audio plug-ins in LMMS? Ive always been curious of such things, but I could never get Jack working with ardour etc so I never could explore this. i mean typical stuff available in typical distro repositories
tanx :)
musikbear wrote:
Thu Nov 29, 2018 10:43 am
Franny23dmt wrote:
Wed Nov 28, 2018 11:29 pm
Does anyone know what LMMS output frequency range is?
Afaik : Depends on your hardware.
yeah ok, I didn't expect that! does it output the max possible on ones hardware(soundcard?) , or is it dependant on other things?>
Does anyone know what LMMS output frequency range is? 20Hz- 21kHz etc. My google efforts failed :)
musikbear wrote:
Wed Oct 24, 2018 6:18 pm
No- zasfx went from being our best (8 dials) automated , to least, after the VST-dial-matrix was introduced.

ah ok, cheers for heads up :)