innermost47 wrote:
Sat Nov 19, 2016 9:38 am
What do you think about this amazing synth ?
it's aliens trying to communicate with us
Does anyone know if the official flatpak release of the latest LMMS (1.2.0) also installs all the extras like LADSPA fx etc, like the dependency driven repositories of the old 1.1.3 version did?
I'm on Ubuntu :)

Say does anyone know if the delay setting on Calf LADSPA Stereo Tools delays the left or right channels entire signal or does it delay the effect of the plugin settings from occurring ? example, if you are stereo widening, does it allow original signal through first & then the wider wet signal a...
hey does anyone know a way to delay the onset of an effect in each note played? Say TAP Vibrato, make it so it only effects the tail of each note rather than the entire note ? it would be nice to be able to do it without automating the wet / dry knob :) *edit* I just noticed that TAP Vibrato has a d...
Say, does anyone know what the 6 different modes of the aforementioned plugin are? I'll damned if I can find it anywhere in the documentation they supply :D

Cheers good folk <3
Aye, the only bug i get now is the occasional crash / freeze , and thats no hassle, Ctrl S is like a breathing reflex to me by now ;)
this bug has been fixed by RC 8, BTW
worked out that if i have automation on the portamento knob then portamento option doesnt unselect itself
I found another bug in Zyn ... the portamento option unclicks/selects itself as soon as Zyn is in any state but the foreground , even if you dont minimise it & select another window to foreground.

What an amazing portamento tho , ive never seen anything like it!!
Again i do not understand what you mean with 'scales' in zasfx? Have you made micro-tonal tuning? sorry I mistype. In Advanced mode of ZynAddSubFX, there is the scales option, which brings up the microtonal options window, but I have only selected custom tuning, not microtonal settings. I havnt tri...